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Maya Bay, Thailand beach group jump near the ocean
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Group of girls floating down the river in Khao Sok Thailand
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With its heavenly white-sand beaches, constant warm weather and legendary party scene, Thailand is every traveler’s Neverland. The combination of its beautiful nature, incredible food and the constant, contagious laughter of its people makes Thailand the perfect place to runaway to and feel like a kid, again. Appropriately dubbed ‘The Land of Smiles’, enjoying life is of top priority in Thailand and this beautiful philosophy can be seen and felt everywhere you travel to in this legendary country.

Stunning Scenery and Thailand's Famous Food

From its two tropical coastlines that stretch south and anchor around hundreds of islands that all offer their own brand of paradise to neon-lit Bangkok, arguably the most fun-inducing city in the world, to the serene and lush rainforests in the north, Thailand is a country spoiled in beauty, culture and adventure. And found in every part of Thailand, with its own splendid uniqueness, is outrageously delicious food that will tantalize and coddle your taste-buds with every pleasing fundamental flavor: sweet, salty, sour and spicy! Thai food is best eaten in its native nation with fresh and local ingredients and getting to experience this surprisingly cheap food on a daily basis is one more reason being in Thailand is so awesome.

See the Beauty of Buddhism

Thailand is the most Buddhist country in the world and this fascinating religion can be observed in every aspect of life in Thailand. Magnificent golden temples and breath-taking Buddhas decorate both the cities and countryside of the country. Hundred-year old banyan trees, wherever they are found, are wrapped with colorful cloth and honoured daily with offerings. The inside of cars are ordained with Buddhist symbols and fresh garlands to protect them. Saffron-robed monks are commonly seen in public and always given the upmost respect. Witnessing and learning about these everyday sights in Thailand is one of the most enriching aspects of traveling through it.

Experience the Hype

We have been running trips to Thailand since 2003, and after a decade of epic trips we still can’t get enough of this enchanting country. And neither can our travellers, as many people often come on 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 Thailand trips! This is not uncommon as almost every traveler who has been to Thailand will speak about its addicting allure and the time-bubble that seems to make several weeks in Thailand fly by in a whirr of peaceful bliss, pure laughter and unforgettable memories. There truly is something special about Thailand that captures the heart and imagination of everyone who is fortunate enough to experience its magic.

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