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This county seat of Douglas County and headquarters to Douglas County School District, Douglas County Sheriff Department and Colorado State Patrol troop, Castle Rock has big plans they intend to implement while maintaining the close-knit heart of a small town.

Named by original homesteader Jeremiah Gould when he donated the 120 acres that began the town, Castle Rock, with its over 56,000 residents, is a world-class community. Recognized by Money Magazine several times as a Top 10 Places to Live in America, the dedication of residents also earned their town the No. 20 slot of the 50 Best Places to Live in America.

Rumors of gold may have attracted the first settlers, but even when no gold was found, they stayed. An abundance of Rhyolite, used in decorative rock work, became their contribution to the "rock" lust of the early gold rush days. Nestled in the foothills around the rock formation Gould chose the name from, Castle Rock enjoys shelter from the harshest of winter storms thanks to the Rocky Mountains at their back.

Home to one of the largest outlet retail shopping centers in Colorado, a visitor will quickly discover far more substantial reasons to settle themselves in Castle Rock. The atmosphere is one of growth with respect for personal connections. Residents are involved with the local government, as neighbors are involved with one another. This is truly a community driven by unity of purpose, focused on both the town and all of its residents thriving.

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