Cheap Flights from Miami

Cheap Flights From Miami

Miami, Florida, is one of the great culturally diverse cities in the United States. Add that richness with Spanish heritage, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures year-round, and you have one of the most popular tourist spots. There is much to love, but if you are one who just has to experience four seasons (or, at least three), you may get the urge to pack a bag and get away for a few days - maybe during the peak tourist time.   Miami is a major airport, so it can be easy to find last-minute flights for bargain prices from Miami to anywhere in the world.

Bargain Flights from Miami International Airport

If you want a cheap flight from Miami on short notice, you will find them at Miami International Airport. On this interactive map, you can find lots of great examples of cheap flights to a number of popular destinations.

●     Los Angeles -  Visit the Pacific Ocean, Disneyland or Hollywood with a nonstop flight for $164.

●     San Juan - A cheap flight from Miami to Puerto Rico? You bet, and just $105!

●     Denver -  For just $141, you can exchange swimsuits for ski boots.

●     Minneapolis - Just $158 will take you to see great hockey or a couple thousand of the 10,000 lakes.

●     Washington, D.C. - Just $97 will send you to the nation’s capital. You spend money better than Congress!

Getting inspired? Search by “everywhere” and choose the month of travel, as well as the map, to find the best bargain spur-of-the-moment trip ideas.

Hacking for Cheap Flights from Miami

Who says you have to spend a lot to fly spontaneously from Miami? If you know some keys, you can truly find bargain flights from Miami to virtually anywhere. For example, did you know that searching for and booking a flight on Wednesday usually will get you the best prices on the cheap flight from Miami you want?

Did you know that many destinations are cheaper when you fly outside of peak? You could visit Washington, D.C, in March or July rather than April, or you can visit Disneyland in August or September instead of in July.

If you’re flexible as to the airport you fly into, you can find bargain flights from Miami into an airport a short rental-car ride away from your primary destination. You can also save money if you travel on off-peak days - Wednesday or Thursday, for example, is usually cheaper than Friday. With graph view, you can see price differences on different days, and you can get a price alert when your flight price changes.

Doorbuster Flight Deals from Miami

OK, we understand it’s possible to tire of sun, sand and water in Miami. Feel like checking out some forest in Oregon? See glaciers in Alaska? Visit desert outside Phoenix, or hike mountains outside of Denver? 

If you need a new environment, use Skyscanner’s home page for spontaneous flight deals from Miami International Airport. No matter the airline or time of year, Skyscanner will find cheap flights from Miami to countless destinations.

Using our map view, you’ll find great deals - like $169 roundtrip, nonstop tickets to Cancun from Miami, or $210 nonstop to Montego Bay in Jamaica. The world is at your fingertips with Skyscanner - and with cheap flights from Miami, simple and inexpensive don’t have to be mutually exclusive terms.

Getting Around Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is a common gateway airport from the U.S. to many destinations in the Caribbean, Central and South America. It is one of the busiest airports in the country, so it must move passengers about its terminals in an efficient way.

The airport has MIA Mover, which is an elevated tram system that takes passengers from the rental-car campus to the terminals for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. The skyride, a moving walkway, on the third level of the airport, can quickly move passengers from the parking lots to any of the three terminals.

As for ground transportation, the airport provides a SuperShuttle service to hotels and key points in the city, and there are taxi services. Most other ground transportation options are available by prior arrangement and/or appointment.

What to Do at Miami International Airport

As Miami International Airport is a prominent gateway to and from the U.S. and points southward, there are many services and amenities to make your visit and flight wait more enjoyable.

There is a chapel for a church or prayer service of any faith, and there are scheduled Christian and Catholic Mass services each week. Data ports and wifi are available on multiple areas of every concourse of the airport, plus there is a play area for children, a nursing area for mommies and their babies, spa services available at Jetsetter Spa, plus a Top of the Port panoramic restaurant at the top of a 260-room hotel located at the Central terminal.

You will also find ATMs, currency exchange stations, a military lounge, and an auditorium to be used for conferences or as a meeting space. 

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