Stand in silence amid the infinite beauty of Chile's breathtaking landscapes for one or a few weeks.


Land in the country's illustrious capital city for an experience like no other. After an introduction to the local pre-colombian culture and heritage, choose a personalized journey according to what you wish to experience: visual arts, gourmet, religion, botanics or adventure.

Embark on the tallest mountain of South America, the Aconcagua. With an incredible set of hills in the background, the wine valley welcomes you for an unforgettable wine tasting. Be received as a VIP for lunch or dinner with our winemaking friends in the most awarded estates.


On the Pacific coast in Northern Chile, West of the Andes mountains, the world's driest desert quenches your imagination endlessly. You have never listened to the pure sound of wind like there nor contemplated so rich colors at sunrise and sunset.

Riding a horse, bicycle or car, discover the stunning sand formations carved by wind and water in the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) and the flamboyant festival of shades in the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley) which hasn't seen a single drop of rain for centuries.

Blend in the extraordinary cultural patrimony of the vibrant pre-Inca village of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile's archeological wonder high at 2,438 meters high with its cobblestone plazas, smiling locals and flavorful cuisine - as you join the local festival.

Photograph the multi-colored lagoons of Altiplano (Highlands), step on the magical Salar de Atacama (Salt Lakes) and touch the waters of the Geysers del Tatio. The adventure continues as you climb one the 4,000 m high volcanoes and let yourself star-gazing until you fall asleep.


The former little fishing village of Puerto Natales is your perfect base to explore the amazing Patagonia region and get complementary savours of Chile. Time to recharge batteries and adjust your equipment for some of the most bewildering discoveries of your life.

The country's #1 National Park, Torres del Paine unveils all its wonders as you are hiking and/or driving through it. Trek from the golden pampas to the blueish summits and spot wildlife animals with guanacos and condors - before indulging into amazing roast lamb with magellan barberry.

Warm up for a thrilling and breathtaking expedition to the Glacier region near El Calafate. Advance to the Park's iconic Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the planet's last living ice wonders. Raise the spirits and the glass over a bottle of Patagonia's awarded pinot noir wines to celebrate the experience of a lifetime.

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